Blake Lively and The 7 Dwa… Outfits! (ENG)


(INSERT GOSSIP GIRL TONE HERE) Hello Upper East Siders Boy in Pearls here your one and only source into the fabulous life of fashionistas worldwide.

All jokes aside, I’m back to show you the wonderful style Blake Lively showed us yesterday in New York City. There’s no doubt that when it comes to press tour, Lively is the best at changing outfits -Even on the same day- and she proved it one more time by giving us not 1 but 7 different outfits. She’s a real Snow White! Except she is with 7 designers instead of 7 dwarfs.

We know she is not joking when it comes to fashion because she, somehow, knows how to wear a red carpet outfit on the New York streets. Oh and not to mention that she manage to dress accordingly to the hours, because her outfits blend perfectly from sunrise all the way to the dark night.

Here I’ll show you the 7 looks Blake gave us.


Brandon Maxwell spring/summer 2018 for Good Morning America. Just after that she wore a beautiful Oscar de la Renta, not to mention she changed her hair and accessories as well. (picture below)


The third look was a Chanel autum/winter 2017 jumpsuit and again she changed her hair and accessories.


She followed this look with a more masculine silhouette, wearing a plaid suite from Ralph Lauren’s autumn/winter 2017 collection with a really cool pair of oxblood boots.


She then changed into something we love, LAYERS! Se showed us how good layering can be when you have a sense of style plus good attitud.


Her two last outfits were more night-worthy looks. Going for a Chanel metallic gown and later going out with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, with an embellished Monse top and some navy trousers with some red heels. blake-lively-silver-dress-1508225789


xo, Lorenzo



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