Is it Just Makeup? (ENG)


Hey it’s been a long time since the last time you’ve heard about me. I promise I’ll be back full time writing, telling you experiences, and showing you my world through this blog but as for now this little piece is made with tons of love, hope you actually enjoy reading it.

I consider myself a makeup lover. Said this I would love to tell you about what happened to me this last weekend.

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So yes I’m a guy who likes makeup, get over it people it’s 2017 and I’m not the first and I for sure won’t be the last boy to wear/like makeup but still there are people out there judging and insulting every guy who actually wears makeup. One of those people is my very own mother. Now I really understand the fact she still has this whole idea that wearing makeup is just so outrageous and so not appropriate for a boy to wear but isn’t after all makeup used to enhance some features and to feel free creatively in your own skin. To be honest, she getting all crazy with these types of things, like me wearing makeup, skinny jeans or wanting to get a tattoo or piercings makes me kind of disappointed because by the end of the day some people really don’t give a sh*t when it comes to others being themselves and besides I care nothing about anyones opinion but mine.

“For me makeup is a way of relaxing, exploring, create and just a way to have fun.”

I don’t do contour, full glam or any crazy thing like that and trust me it isn’t because I don’t want to but it is basically because I have  just one eye shadow palette and one moisturiser. If it was for me I would be doing makeup tutorials on youtube and going full glam daily —Hopefully someday I get a Kardashian/Jenner experience and get someone to do my makeup and hair every morning. So if I don’t do all these “crazy things” why I’m still being judge by my own. Well the answer is insecurity, and hey I’m not talking about myself but I’m talking about my mother and all of those who are out there judging not only me but everyone who does something out of society’s “proper behaviour” box. This type of insecurity is the one who doesn’t only makes judging easier but makes bullying even a higher risk due to the fact that people tent to criticise the unknown and everything that “threatens” their petit wannabe perfect world because there ain’t no such thing as perfect world.

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So my humongous question is, is it actually just makeup? For me makeup is a way of relaxing, exploring, create and just a way to have fun. For me it isn’t just makeup but it is somehow a way to be myself. Makeup is genderless and the fact that society still promotes it just for girls is so frustrating, but now there are some brands that promote makeup for guys too, using some beauty gurus as their brand ambassadors. And the same way I like makeup I have a couple of girl friends that don’t like it, they are all about natural face and still that is something “impossible” for some people to believe, some people don’t believe t hat in the 21st century girls don’t wear makeup because they don’t like it or don’t feel like wearing it. By the end of the day makeup is like anything else in life, some people like it, some don’t, some actually hate it but after all it is just a matter of taste and we all have different tastes.

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As for this look, it was just something quick I pulled off with the only palette I have which is “The Burgundy Palette” by Kylie Cosmetics so feel free to judge it because I’m still learning and getting used to it, But to be honest I liked it and it was cute and simple for shopping date with a friend.

Not all girls like makeup not all boys dislike makeup, get over it because after all makeup isn’t just makeup and people need to learn this and respect it.

xo, Lorenzo



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