Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal, gave us a book on 2014 about how everything started, how she went from having nothing to having a fashion empire this book is called #GIRLBOSS. A few years after the book came out, Netflix alongside with Kay Cannon and even executive produced by Sophia Amoruso herself, created a 13 episodes comedy based on the book. Each episode is between 25 and 29 minutes long, and is full of funny, random, and yet really interesting moments.

“Work hard, no matter how much recognition you get.”
– Sophia Amoruso

During the first episodes of the series we see a 23 yo Sophia who struggles to keep a job due to the fact she is a rebel that doesn’t want to follow orders from others, we see how she struggles to breakthrough because people see her as just a “little girl”— All this got me thinking about the fact that everything she went trough is something every creative and out of the box people suffer.

Right now I’m 21 yo, I don’t completely love my job and not because it isn’t good but because I want to do something for my own, I want to get out there and do something different, something I am passionate about. Throughout the whole show I was thinking and questioning myself “Am I doing what I love?”, “Will I breakthrough a world full of adults trying to tell me what’s wrong and what’s not?”. All these questions surrounding me got me into a position in which I really want to do what I feel proud and good about, I want to design, paint, create and shape everything I desire. One of the things I thought during the show was that a big amount of entrepreneurs, creative, and self-boss people I look forward  to are women-. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, Lady Gaga, Leandra Medine, Anna Winter, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. are girls which created a voice for their own and by their own. Not caring what others will say, not letting a world “controlled” by men to make them feel less strong or capable of doing and achieving what they wanted to.

“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.”
– Michelle Obama

855-8Michelle Obama Visits DC High School To Discuss Importance Of Education

Believe it or not, even now in 2017 there are plenty of closed-minded people that still think that a girl boss is just a ‘bitch’ but a boy boss is just a strong and independent human when the reality is that there are plenty of wonderful girl bosses running very successful businesses. For instance one of my ultimate favourite blogs is Man Repeller, created by Leandra Medine, the blog is sarcastic, funny, and yet speaks the truth and it went from being a project to a huge worldwide success and all in the guidance of Leandra and her team, which is mostly conformed by girls. This is what I love, I feel that every business run by a girl is a bit more likely to succeed because they need to fight more, they need to stand up more than what men need because of the sexism surrounding the world of business. Actually you are able to see that in the show, you see how Sophia struggles to get her voice out there but she never stops. She proves everyone, from her father to her own that being young and a girl doesn’t mean she is not capable of achieving what she sets her mind on.

Girlboss is one my personal favourites when it comes to Netflix original comedies, because it has a certain flirt and truth around everything. To be honest this show brings a certain entrepreneur feeling on you, at least it did to me, and it causes me to create and plan new personal projects. It helped me, making me realise I am capable of doing what I set my mind on as long as I work hard and try hard to achieve it because by the end of the day regardless of your age or gender you can be successful with determination and by working on your goals.

xo, Lorenzo


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