Taboo: SEX (ENG)


Can’t recall exactly when was the first time I heard the word ‘SEX’ but I do remember it was around 3rd or 4th grade when they gave us ‘THE TALK’ (sex ed). At the time it was funny to se animated videos of how your body will be changing in the following years, while listening to a guy that says how your wiener might get an erection pretty much randomly at the beginning making you feel awkward, I mean for someone with 10 or so years that was funny. But all laughs aside is sex, sexual education, sexuality, and everything in between actually a taboo?

“…I’m a 21 year old virgin, not ashamed and actually somehow proud about it…”

Today that exactly will be our topic, we will question ourself about the actual reasons of this normal act or conversation to be such a taboo or awkward. So, why is sex such a taboo and overrated topic? I mean many people feels awkward talking about it even when they get older, but what is it about sex that makes it so awkward?

I haven’t had sex yet, I’ve practiced other types of sex (oral sex) but I haven’t done the actual penetration and all that stuff, OMG HE SAID PENETRATION! Yes ladies and gentlemen I said penetration and I just wrote it again without hesitation. Going back to what I was saying, I haven’t done the actual sex but it isn’t because I’m waiting for that beautiful moment, in Paris with the Eiffel Tour in front of our hotel room window, or to be with someone I’m crazy deeply in love, the truth is I’m just waiting for it to happen with someone I care about and that person cares about me. I actually don’t mind if it is with a friend of mine or my life partner as long as it is with someone that cares that’s good for me. But to be honest I’m not all scared and doubtful about it I know it will happen and it won’t be perfect the first time at least not for me because after all it will be my first time so #NoExperience.


“…everyone you see is product of sex…”

There you go I talked about the fact I’m a 21 year old virgin, not ashamed and actually somehow proud about it but still there is something in the new generations that they think that having sex at a young age is a must when the reality is that no one cares if you have sex or not. But why is society so obsessed with everything surrounding sex, can’t actually believe we are in 2017 and people still think that if a boy doesn’t want sex he gets to be called names, girly, etc and if a girl do wants to have sex she becomes automatically a whore or prostitute, why can’t society realise that sex is for everyone that wants it, you can’t forced some to have sex or to do not have sex, as long as both sides agree there is nothing bad or wrong with it. Me, for instance, I have decided to wait but that isn’t the case for everyone.

Another huge stigma about it is sexual orientation, as I said before WE ARE IN 2017! There is no such thing as 100% straight or 100% gay like really? You can feel attracted to all shapes, colours, and gender identities (soon a whole topic surrounding gender 😉), there is no one 100% something, there is no need for labels and when this topic pops up people still try to avoid it. Disney is showing a huge growth towards sexual orientation making some appearances of gay couples in the background or just as a quick indirect mention during a show or movie but yet they are doing it because to be honest there is nothing wrong in teaching the new generations that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of. There is no shame in loving girls, or boys, or both, or trans boy or trans girls, none binary or loving in general.  #LetsMakeAmericaGayAgain

There is sex everywhere, either it is in a movie or in a magazine, or just at school and in the books in fact to prove that sex is everywhere, look around you, everyone you see is product of sex, might or might not be practicing some sort of sex, and has a sexual orientation. So why is it so awkward to talk about something as common as sex? By the end of our lives we all gonna have a type of sex, either oral sex or the penetrating kind of sex we will all have it. Drinking night, making love, honey moon, with a friend, with a boy/girl you just met, to have kids, to have fun, a ’50 Shades’ kind of sex, but by the end we will all have sex someday so don’t make it more awkward and talk or write freely about it.

P.S. Have protected sex and don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to

-xo, Lorenzo


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