Art imitates Life: Modern Rock n Roll Muses (ENG.)


According to Greek mythology, muses are the goddesses that inspired science, literature and art; however, muses do not only belong in mythology, in fact, some of the greatest songs in history have been the product of the passion inspired in musicians by their own muses. When it comes to style and fashion, one can never go wrong taking a page of inspiration from the book of three of the women that took the role of muses in the life of great musicians and are recognized as style icons.

Pattie Boyd


Pattie Boyd was nineteen when she was selected to participate in the Beatles’ movie “A Hard Day’s Night” where she caught the attention of George Harrison, the
two of them eventually got married, and she became the inspiration for The Beatles’ song “Something”. When musician and singer Eric Clapton met her, he fell for he and wrote the song “Layla” in
which he described the passion he felt for Harrison’s wife. Later on, Pattie divorced Harrison and got married to Clapton, giving place to the ballad “Wonderful Tonight” which he wrote while he w
as waiting for her to get ready to go to Paul and Linda McCartney’s Buddy Holly party.



  • Daring but classy, her signature makeup consists on a winged black or dark brown eyeliner and a thin line on the lower lash line, light pastel eyeshadow on the lid, a curved defined, dark shadow line that goes all along the crease, and of course, given that it was the 60’s, a lot of mascara in the upper and lower lashes; to finish the look, nude lips and rosy cheeks. This look is appropriate for all occasions, because of the fact that it’s not too heavy, and it’s particularly appealing as it creates a vintage chick aura that makes the whole look appear timeless.



  • Pattie was a swinging London model, so her style consisted of very girly and colorful short dresses, however by the late 60’s she adopted a more bohemian hippie style, wearing short dresses with flower prints or patterns, jewelry, and sandals.


Stevie Nicks

Portrait Of Stevie Nicks

Besides being a singer, songwriter and iconic rock star, Stevie Nicks also served as inspiration for various Fleetwood Mac songs written by bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. Her relationship with Buckingham resulted in a series of songs they both wrote about each other, narrating their troubled love story through their albums and performing those same songs on stage together. If it wasn’t for the drama that went on backstage during the time Stevie and Lindsey were together, iconic songs as “Go your Own Way” (Written by Lindsey Buckingham), or “Dreams” (Written by Stevie Nicks) may have never been composed.



  • Glam and mysterious, her signature makeup consists of smoky eyes, blending dark eye shadow along the crease, and applying a lighter eye shadow on the lid, such as a thin undefined line of black pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line and blended eye shadow and liner under the eye and on the lower lash line respectively. For the lips a glossy brown or red lipstick, and a peachy or pink blush along the hollow of the cheeks.



  • Her style has a mystic aura about it, a bohemian gypsy style that makes for a unique fashion inspiration. Her outfits often include velvet, flowing fabrics such as chiffon and lace, fringes, oversized dresses, high-waisted jeans and tops. Her most distinctive accessories include top hats, moon pendants, and feathers.

Edie Sedgwick


She became Andy Warhol’s troubled muse and is the Inspiration for the Velvet Underground and Nico’s song “Femme Fatale”, which was written as a request by Warhol. Despite the fifteen minutes of fame principle that ruled Andy Warhol’s Factory, Edie Sedgwick has remained a fashion icon and is still remembered to this day, being the most well-known of Andy Warhol’s superstars.



  • The eye makeup is the focus of Edie Sedgwick’s signature style. The look is achieved by applying a light colored shadow on the eye lid, then tracing a line along the crease that extends inwards towards the inner corner of the eye, afterwards, applying winged black eyeliner that goes all the way to the inner corner and on the lower lash line, also all the way to the inner corner. To finish the eyes, loads of mascara on the up and lower lashes, and fake eye-lashes. For the lips, use a nude lipstick and apply peachy blush on the hollow of the cheeks



  • Edie’s sense of style defined the sixties, she was often spotted wearing Black stockings and black leotards or striped shirts, and also loved to wear fur coats and jewelry.



  • Written by: Miriam Cecilia
  • Graphics by: Lorenzo

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