20 Days For 20: Day 19, Friends


It’s been over a month since my 20th birthday but finally I’m writing the last two chapters of this episodes. I’m the worst following an schedule πŸ˜…πŸ˜³, SORRY!

In this post I will be sharing everything in regards of my friends. I’ve been posting one thing or two about them but I haven’t had the chance to completely share how I feel and what they really mean to me. Hopefully this post will help you get more into my world and my craziness. As a matter of fact, my friends are like 50% of my life #NoLies.

I’ve known and I know so many people from different places not just in the city but from the world. Internet is a huge path to meet new people and even become Β friends with them but I won’t consider someone a friend without actually meaning it. I have several small groups of friends, one from Jr.High School, one from High School, one from college and the other one from Tae Kwon Do. Out of those my closest ones are the one from High School and the one from the Tae Kwon Do. I have literally 5 best friendsΒ Β from which all 5 know everything about me, no secrets, no lies. Trust me when I tell you this, I love all those 5 the same way and one is just as close as the other but even though I’m closer to them I love also my other friends which I need to say are not as much as you might think.

Every single one of my closest friends have a different attitude towards life, they have different ages and different goals but all of them fill me with joy and happiness. I think the best part of having this good friends is that we complement each other and we stand for one another and that is really important for every type of relationship. Some of my friends have even saved me from very depressing days or have strengthen me in my weakest days and that is something I really appreciate and thank.

I consider myself someone full of ego and strength plus quite a bit of an attitude but when it comes to my best friends I’ll beg and fight for their friendship because I know they’ll do the exact same thing.



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